Heat Treatment

Thermal Remediation® kills all bedbugs & their eggs, the first time. We use the most advanced technology to eliminate bed bugs.

With Thermal remediation or Heat, we kill ALL stages of bedbugs; egg, nymph, and adult. Thermal remediation is completed in one day to eliminate bed bugs. Bed bugs begin to die off at around 113*F, so the temperatures and cook times we use for thermal remediation (Heat Treatment) helps ensure that all bedbugs are eliminated. This program requires less preparation and is much less invasive for customers. Heat Treatment is the ultimate eliminator of bed bugs, as we have seen nothing that compares to the results thermal remediation coupled with our experienced team produces in only 1 visit! Remember that these insects are getting more and more resistant to the pesticides available on the market today. Heat is the Achilles heel of these insects. We stand by and warranty every job we do. 99% effective.

Our Thermal Remediation Bed Bug Elimination Program is:

  • FAST – Rooms can be rented the same day, only hours of downtime!
  • PROTECTS ROOM CONTENTS – Treatment will not damage contents in the room. Electronics, bedding & all furnishings safely treated.
  • 100% EFFECTIVE – Completely eliminates the entire population of all bed bugs & their eggs guaranteed!
  • CONVENIENT – Treatment is isolated to the room being treated, so it will not affect other guests or residents.
  • SAFE – Non-chemical, No toxic fumes, no chemical residue.

Heat treatment is the perfect application for heavy infestations, sensitive areas, and anyone wishing to keep pesticides out of their facility.

The biggest advantage of heat is that it finds the bed bugs and their eggs wherever they are hiding. It penetrates layers of fabric, upholstered furniture, boxes of household goods and even mattresses and bedding, it permeates every square inch of an infested room to ensure that it is clean and clear of bed bugs. The heat finds them and “cooks” them all at once.

One great option to consider is to use heat in conjunction with chemical treatments around the boundaries of your house.

This gives you the benefits of minimizing chemicals in your home while setting up a residual chemical barrier where it’s most useful.

bed bug heater
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