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Bed bugs are small, brown, flat insects that love to suck the blood of humans. They are commonly found in hospitals, businesses, homes, sofas, mattresses, buses, subways, trains, airplanes, classrooms, retail stores, movie theaters and especially in hotels.

You will not die from bed bug bites. But many people have been driven absolutely crazy from constant bed bug bites for weeks or months on end.

One of the worst things about a bed bug infestation is all of the itching that bed bug bites cause. It can get to a point where it can be absolutely debilitating.

Some people become so traumatized by the fear of having bed bugs crawl all over them and bite them all night that they actually become afraid to go to sleep. A really bad bed bug infestation can cause panic attacks and even depression.

Just because you have bed bugs does not mean that you are dirty or unsanitary. The truth is that some of the finest hotels in the country have bed bugs.

How Quickly Should I Treat an Infestation?

Adult female bed bugs will lay up to anywhere from five to a dozen eggs daily. In its lifetime it will lay up to 500 eggs. A bed bug colony is, therefore, going to grow very quickly. But that’s only part of the problem. Their movement patterns make it even worse.

A female is hard-wired to retreat from other bed bugs before laying its eggs. This means bed bugs have a tendency to migrate quickly from room to room. A small colony in one bedroom can rapidly become an infestation across your whole house.

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